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[OVERVIEW] Soft Washing vs. Power Washing

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soft washer or power washerIt’s very important to clean your home’s exterior and interior on a regular basis. I always wondered why people hired professional services when they could do it on their own. When I researched further hiring professional services became clear. Since then, even I have started hiring professional services for the job. A lot of people don’t understand the difference between soft and power washing. In this post, I’ve explained the differences between these kinds washing properly.

The most important benefits of having your home’s exterior professional cleaned are longevity. When you hire a professional company, the wash system lasts for a very long time. A professional company makes sure water, mildew, mold or dirt isn’t just pushed under the sidings or soffits. For example, VT Mobile, the company that does power washing in houston, texas ensures that this is the case for their valued customers – something that I wouldn’t be able to do as a novice.

There’s also no damage to window seals, siding, shrubs, bushes or screens. An advanced pressure-less washing system even eliminates the risk of suffering from a personal injury. A professional company makes sure the job is performed right the first time. This saves a lot of your money.

What are the Differences Between Soft Washing and Power Washing?

One of the most important differences between soft and power washing is that a soft washing system does not damage your house. Therefore, your house stays clean for a longer time. On the other hand, pressure washing increases the risk of damaging your windows, seals and siding around windows and other areas of your home. When a house is a power washed, screens need to be removed. With a soft wash system, screen removal isn’t required.

Which Kind of Washing is More Effective?

A pressure-less or soft wash system is considered to be more effective. A soft wash system proves to be more effective in the long run. Since the excess pressure has been eliminated, washers can’t blast away at your home’s siding. It’s worth mentioning that pressure washing only eliminates excretions but spreads various spots around the siding, on the foundation, under the siding and in every corner.

Due to this, about a year later the black mildew and green mold come back. In most cases, the condition can get worse. With a soft wash system, professionals can kill the spores with commercial grade solutions. A soft wash system doesn’t spread the spores or blasts off excretions. When spores are killed, it takes a minimum of three years before the black and green molds come back. Although power washing can be used in the exterior of your home, it should never be carried out inside your home.

How Often Should Pressure or Power Washing Be Done?

As mentioned earlier, power washing should never be carried out inside a home. With a soft wash system, a house with vinyl or aluminum siding will remain clean for a minimum of three years. Stained or painted wood siding is always more porous. Therefore, the cedar/wood requires a lot more attention. Thus, they need to be washed thoroughly every 18 months. When a home with cedar/wood siding is washed thoroughly with a soft wash system every 18 months, stain or paint lasts longer.

Important Considerations for Exterior and Roof Washing

It’s important to understand that roof washing is considered to be preventive maintenance. Roof maintenance is not done in a single day. When your roof is chemically cleaned, or power washed in a single day, there’s a possibility of some damage. In most cases, roof shingles are tar and sand pebbles. Excess pressure can expose the tar after removing the sand. Chemicals can also damage the roof. Overall, soft washing is considered to be more effective, and an ideal solution for cleaning your home. Power washing should be confined to exterior areas, such as a garage, driveway, pathway and more. An interesting case study is out done for Pressure Washing Humble, Texas – VT Mobile is able to preform power washing for roof washing without the need for soft washing – check them out for more information.

To wash the roof to eliminate any damage, the roof should be washed slowly over time, on a maintenance plan. With cleaning siding, many people still believe that power washing is the only way to get the siding clean. Actually pressure-less house washing, gets the siding clean because the system kills all the spores.

Why Should You Hire Professionals?

While most homeowners try to clean driveways, garages, drainages and other areas on their own, there are some smart homeowners who hire professional washers. A professional washing service also proves to be the best option. Although it may be a bit more expensive than a DIY job, the benefits of hiring a professional service still outweigh the cost.

Better Results – Just like professional washers can bring a shine to any vehicle, a professional washing service can leave your home looking much better than you could ever imagine. Most homeowners use just a damp cloth with some soap to wash different areas in their homes. However, if your compare the equipment and cleaning solutions used by professional washers, you’ll be able to understand why they can provide better results. Just like in our above Houston example, VT Mobile Pressure Washing Sugar Land gets these kind of results.

No Cut Corners – For most homeowners, the time to clean and wash different areas means sacrificing other productive or entertaining tasks that could be enjoyed with friends and family members. While some adamant DIY handlers may waste their weekend on cleaning and washing, most people choose to have some fun and get involved in other activities. To save some time, people try to cut corners and finish the job quickly.

However, a professional washing service will never cut any corners. Cleaners will give their 100% to clean your home thoroughly and properly. They make sure every part of your home looks perfectly clean and shiny. This leaves every area in your home spotless and clear as new.

Inexpensive – Contrary to the common notion, a professional washing service proves to be inexpensive and affordable. Although you will be spending a bit more than a DIY project, it will still save you money in case of damages and purchases of expensive cleaning solutions. When you consider the cost of static-free rags, ladders, cleaning solutions, extension poles, squeegees and other essential equipment, it can make the additional cost of a professional washing service understandable.

After explaining all the benefits you receive from a professional washing service, it becomes a lot easier to say that investing in a professional service is the best option for every homeowner. Moreover, when you consider the time and energy you will be saving, it becomes quite obvious.

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[Testimonial] Goat Magazine Is the Best!

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The impact that Goat Magazine has had on the way I handle my carpet cleaning business. I am an independent owner, so I do not have an individual above me telling me which products to use or who to buy from; I do not have an individual in front of me to worry about all of the politics in purchasing the best products for the least amount of money.

Goat Magazine has helped to be my “boss”. It has helped to keep me up to date about the latest pricing on the best chemicals, the best chemicals to use, what sorts of sales are going on, who my competition in, and ways that I can improve my business. ViperTech Cleaning stays up to date with our magazine as well.

Goat Magazine has allowed me to expand into a new, different, more efficient business. Without Goat Magazine, I would not have been able to be where I am today. I have learned different tips and tricks in how I can make my business more satisfactory. Not only does Goat Magazine tell me different ways that I can improve my business, but it also updates me on which of my competing carpet cleaning businesses are thriving.

The articles that I read in Goat Magazine are truly informative. I purchased this magazine for a monthly update and let me tell you-every penny that I have spent on Goat Magazine has been worth it. Goat Magazine has saved my business. Before I purchased Goat Magazine, I was the only person working for my company. Now, only a few short months later, I have six people working under me. I have been able to accomplish these amazing feat by following the information that Goat Magazine has given me in the articles.

From the business aspect, Goat Magazine has provided me with coaching and developing skills. I would have never been able to be the right sort of boss for my employees, in order to maintain a healthy work place. Now, with the help of Goat Magazine, I have learned the ways of being a professional. Before, I was not capable of leading my own business. Now, I have the tools to lead my business and my employees in the right direction. I have also learned how to properly train my employees and look for future potential in people I am interviewing. Thanks to the help of Goat Magazine, I have hired all the right people that I need in order to make my business successful and my customers impressed and satisfied.

Goat Magazine has also given me the ability to deal with difficult situations. If I have a difficult customer, a problem with one of my machines, or I am unhappy with the work of one of my employees, Goat Magazine has given me the information that I need to help work through those rough situations. Goat Magazine has given me the tools to help learn from those difficult situations, how to avoid them in the future, how to stay calm and collected during those situations, and what I can take away and learn from in those situations; without Goat Magazine, I would be a complete mess of a businessman.

Not only have I been able to read information about how to expand my business, but I have also learned about how to make my business truly top notch. Goat Magazine has explained and offered many different cleaning solutions and chemicals for me to use that some of the best carpet cleaning companies across American use. The products that Goat Magazine talks about are all amazing; the information that Goat Magazine provides to me has been incredibly priceless. I could not have expanded my business without Goat Magazine. Not only has Goat Magazine provided me with great opportunities to look into using new chemicals and solutions, but they have also showed me different cleaning machines that I can use and how they will benefit my company. Goat Magazine explained about all the different types of machines that there are and how they will all affect my business in the most positive way possible. Goat Magazine also explained which type of business would pair well with which type of machines.

When it comes to those difficult stains and such on the carpets, it always helps to have a couple of “emergency” tricks in the back of your pocket to clean those spots up, which will leave your customers satisfied. Goat Magazine has given me the information that I need to keep those tips and tricks in the back of my pocket. With the help of Goat Magazine, I now have the ability to find a quick solution to a problem in an emergency situation. This saves me time (there is not so much hassle), money (the potential loss of a customer, plus the expensive chemicals), and it prevents a situation from popping up and gossip going around, where I would lose business. Overall, Goat Magazine gives me the tools to prepare myself for future business.

The advertisements that are in Goat Magazine are also beneficial. They offer product discounts and trials for brand new, just on the market items. I have completed the many different offers that the advertisements have displayed; I have found that all of the products that I have used that Goat Magazine has displayed have been worth my money. The products that they offer are absolutely incredible.

Goat Magazine has also given me the opportunity to look into using certain discounts, reward programs, loyalty programs, and sales. I have been able to save so much money because of the different sales and such that Goat Magazine has informed me about. Goat Magazine explains to me about the different reward and loyalty programs that I can be entered in and use to my benefit, in return for using a certain brand over and over again. Goat Magazine has also shown me the different sales going on, and has offered me discounts on certain brands of chemicals, cleaning machines, and solutions. Now, I am able to save money and satisfy my customers even more. On another note, if your looking for a company in Humble, Texas we have one that we recommend to everyone.

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Importance of Better Business Bureau

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Often, we go around and go shopping around at difference businesses, you will see a few businesses that has a Better Business Bureau sticker on one of their windows, or somewhere on the company’s website. The labeling means that company is a part of the Better Business Bureau, also known as the BBB. The BBB has an active participation in the quality assurance program that many different companies use. What does the BBB do? The Better Business Bureau handles complaints from consumers when they have an issue with the way a company handles their business. When you go and look into the Better Business Bureau’s website, you will be able to search and find a list of companies and the list of the complaints against the company. This is one of the best tools out there that a customer can use; the BBBs website has the ability to help you decide which company to use when it comes time to choosing between two different companies.
A huge advantage for a user for often uses the Better Business Bureau is that those customers have the ability to see the details about how the company responds to the complaints. The BBB’s website will give you the list of how many complaints have been listed against the company, what each complaint is generally about, and about how the company responded to the complaint. If you identify a company that has a long list of complaints that have gone unresolved, then you will be able to make the smart decision and decide to not go and do company with that company. The Better Business Bureau also has a warning section that has a section where they warn customers to avoid specific companies that have developed a negative reputation for being a negative company.

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